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Lo Zefiro is a translation agency founded with the pure intent to bring a breath of freshness and

novelty in the ever growing industry of connections with foreign countries, by enriching our knowledge to

relationships with the EU countries and by expanding them in nations whose languages sounded

unknown until a few years ago, but that are very used nowaday.

Lo Zefiro – Translation Agency was born thanks to the hard work of people who was brought into

play with seriousness and dedication to this project.

People who are tied together by one single purpose: the passion for foreign languages, learned in close

contact with everyday life in different places and populated by people who have been able to teach and

appreciate every single moment spent in foreign nations, as well as the desire of learning about the world

around in all its facets.

Lo Zefiro – Translation Agency could blend, all over the years, a group of high-value professional people,

where every talent can give its best because it is supported by a strong collaborative spirit and a

methodology where nothing is left to chance. And this is the reason why Lo Zefiro can now satisfy all

needs of our loyal customers.

Lo Zefiro – Translation Agency selects with care its professional translation team, as well as dialogue

writers, just to guarantee the quality and professionalism you deserve.

During each assignment, the work done is optimized by a reviser who reviews each text that’s been translated.

Lo Zefiro is a reliable translation agency, fast but meticulous at the same time, to meet the needs of

the international market which increasingly demands a swift communication and in different languages.